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Tiling and Flooring Service in London

Diamond House provides outstanding tiling and flooring services in London.Our team of experts will help you choose best flooring or tiles to match your interior design and will make sure that everything fits and looks perfect and it’s up to the highest standards. We are here to provide the highest standards job to our customers and to meet all their requirements.

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Floor Tiling

Professional tiling solutions provided by an amazing team from Diamond House will help you with anything you’d like. Our team will help you with small jobs such as exchanging broken tiles to retiling the whole bathroom or kitchen. Our handyman will do all the measurements, advise you on how many tiles and what kind of tiles to purchase and will help to dispose of the old ones. Moreover, we will make sure that everything is provided up to the highest standards and at an excellent service.

Get expert advice on the tiles you choose

If you are not sure what tile to go for, you can ask our tilers, and they will be more than happy to share their viewpoint and offer professional guidance. The tilers are so experienced and talented that they are not concerned about what the type of tile is, as they can fit any kind of tile properly causing hardly any hindrance to your day to day schedule.

All tiling work handled by the pros

Whether it is replacing the old tiles to placing the new, our team constitutes an expert who is efficient in performing hassle-free tiling work. Besides the tiling work, other tasks like sealing and grouting are also performed by the tilers. The tilers do not hinder your daily routines; while doing the work, they do it efficiently and make sure to tidy the floor once the job is done. This shows that you can start using your new tiled floor as soon as the work is done.

Types of tiles you can choose from

Irrespective of the place where the tiles are needed to be put, the tilers of London work like pros. They know how to use the tiling work effectively on any type of flooring. Some of the tiles which are used extensively are as follows:

  • Mosaic
  • Porcelain
  • Slate
  • Marble
  • Vinyl
  • Glass
  • Victorian
  • Commercial tiling

  • Floor tiles

  • Bathroom tiles

  • Domestic tiling and more.

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